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Peacemaker Tattoo Company

As an integral and ever-evolving part of human history Tattoo has ascended to heights never before seen or known. Within the framework of Peacemaker Tattoo Company exists an honest value of art and relationships. It is our goal to provide Tattoo in a way that we feel is true to its form.


Geofery Gregg Joshlin

Master Tattoo Artist

Auburn, WA.


Walk-ins Welcome

Tuesday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday: 11am - 12am

Sunday - Monday: Closed

Master of Tattooing

Geofery Gregg Joshlin

I am inspired mostly by the things that I see, the feelings that these visuals give me and and as an experience, it's relationship to my memory of people, or my impression of them. As if sometimes things just go together. A design for everyone. I do prefer the natural, however I am a Good Time Charlie for the theological, the metaphysical and the hypothetical. I do look for peace often, although sometimes I don't possess it. It usually returns though. I gave myself my first tattoo in 7th grade in an Advanced Art Class and then was further inspired by Tattoo while living on Capitol Hill in Seattle in 2000. Then again in the South Valley where I was invited to lay my first stencil. In my own handwriting it read "Beautiful Disaster." I was given no formal apprenticeship and for that matter no "proper" training. I was a struggling and starving artist for many years until I completely immersed myself for years into the study of art history and the modern day practical applications of what I had learned. Various kinds of paintings, printing and mixed-media art. Following this period, while tattooing irregularly, I re-dedicated myself to this fascinating craft called Tattoo and while I would like to retain the position in life and Tattoo that I will forever be learning, I am called Master of Tattoo and will always be in love with it's discipline. I have been the proud keeper of Peacemaker Tattoo Company for 4 going on 5 years. -Geof


Ill hear from you soon.


Custom Tattooing is both a privilege and a tenured accomplishment that I provide. If you are interested in Custom projects, large or small scale, a consultation is required. I am interested in knowing  my clients, and it is necessary to develop artwork designed specifically just for you. Please be as detailed as possible in your requests and where there are special circumstances i.e. (Cover-up) please provide a photo of the area and tattoo to be covered. 

Consultation and Scheduling Request


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